Analyze, document and share your beats and rhythms

"BeatScanner is a very handy tool."

Prof. Mikko Syvänne
Medical Director, Finnish Heart Association

"BeatScanner can be used to detect possible irregularity in heart rhythm."

Prof. Lauri Toivonen

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How it works

Analyze, document and share your beats and rhythms

  • Detects the tiniest of movements

    BeatScanner utilizes the extremely sensitive built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors in your phone or pad to accurately detect tiny vibrations.

  • Powerful analytics

    The data is automatically analyzed by our powerful cloud-based analysis software, which calculates a score based on the degree of variability in the detected rhythm.

  • Informative score

    Score: The score calculated by our analysis software tells you the amount of variation in the rhythm. The less irregular the rhythm, the lower the score. Green color indicates a low level of irregularity, yellow indicates a somewhat irregular rhythm and red indicates an irregular rhythm.

How to get the most out of BeatScanner

Tip 1

Lie back for example in a chair or on a bed. Place the phone or pad on the upper chest region where it rests mostly on bone. When the device is placed on bone the vibrations will be detected more accurately by the app.

Tip 2

Try to place the device so that it will remain steady during the measurement.

Tip 3

Be careful not to drop the device. We recommend using a non-slippery cover that covers the back side of the device to prevent slipping.

Tip 4

Try to move as little as possible during the measurement.

Tip 5

Avoid talking during the measurement.

Tip 6

Learn how to interpret your analysis results on our "Interpreting the results" page.

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